The Curriculum

At Growing Together Academy as part of our curriculum we help children to develop the social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language skills that are appropriate by their age.

Safety and health is included because many routines require attention to those concerns. Because partnerships with families enable our staff to provide consistent care for each child, we send letters in a monthly basis that invites families to be our partners in making routines rich learning opportunities for children.

Examples of our Routines are Hellos and good-byes, Diapering and toileting, Eating and mealtimes, sleeping and nap time, healthy and cleaning habits

Our staff works with a Responsive Environment that offers a model for 

setting up the physical environment, for routines and experiences in ways that address the developing abilities and interests of toddlers, and twos.

We follow a daily schedule and make weekly plans in ways that give you direction but allow flexibility.

What children are learning show the responsive relationship the teacher form with each child, the interactions they have every day, and the materials and experiences we offer become the building blocks for successful learning. Language and literacy, discovering mathematical relationships, and scientific explorations, art and music and movement are part of our curriculum.