Admissions Criteria

Applicants for admissions to Sunset Christian Preparatory should be academically oriented and be able to meet standards and expectations, curricular, instructionally and behaviorally.

Criteria for admission include where applicable, evidence of previous academic success and positive school behavior/citizenship along with evidence of ability to succeed in the academic and social environment at Sunset Christian Preparatory.

All candidates are given careful consideration in the admissions process and any adverse decisions are made regretfully but with the best interest of the child and the school in mind. Reasons for either admission or non-acceptance of applicants are based upon a composite of several factors including the results of the psychometric evaluation, observations made during the screening, testing and interviews, results of the entrance examination, assessment of developmental readiness, review of previous school experience and determination of appropriate educational programs for the child at Sunset Christian Preparatory.

The final decision on admission of an applicant is based on the collective experience and judgment of the school administrators, psychologist and counselor on the Admissions Committee.

All applicants are notified in writing of action taken on admissions.

Each applicant's admission folder and its content are the property of Sunset Christian Preparatory and may not be copied or released to parents and/or guardians.