Why Growing Together?

We believe that the best education develops the whole person: it integrated academic excellence with personal character development. We help young children To become leaders.

Visit our school and speak with our parents and staff for a more. to educate and empower young women. Vision of education inspire us today.

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    Every aspect of the school life provides an occasion for nurture the education of the whole person, including our

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    Growing Together Academy


    Abeka teaches that the laws of mathematics are a creation of God and thus absolute…


    The Abeka science and health program presents the universe as the direct, orderly, , law-abiding creation of God and refutes the man-made idea of evolution…

    Growing Togeter


    Selections are carefully chosen for interest, readability, theme, and values, with literary concepts…


    Calendar 22-23


    A day in the life. Please join us as we walk through a day of a Ed student. Request a tour ➜

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    Mayor’s Info in English – Watch the video

    To champion such rare and precious places in this world—to…

    Thank You for Bringing in Those Toys

    We can pioneer a curriculum in which academic challenge and…

    Distance learning to continue until 13 May

    We can meaningfully expand our schoolhouse to match the academic…

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    Get ahead of the competition and discover trends before become yesterday’s news. Start today smarter than you.